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The Black Pages Directory is published by The Gleaner Company N. A. Inc. which bought it from Black Pages Canada Inc. in 2002.

Starting in Montreal in 1989, the directory was subsequently introduced to Toronto where it now covers the Greater Toronto Area. 

Prior to this a single issue of a Black Pages-type directory was published in Toronto in the mid 1970s. However it wasn't until a few decades later that the concept was revived in Atlanta, Georgia and began to spread across North America. 

In the United States, the Nashville Colored Directory was published by R. C. Grant in 1925 and might have been the first black business directory. The Minnesota Negro Directory was published in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1955, and seven years later in 1962, the ‘New Negro’ Directory was published in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by the Advertising Department of the John H. Adams Agency. 
The Black Pages Directory is a comprehensive guide to Canada’s Black and Caribbean community. While this guide was created to help you find products, services and activities within our community, it serves as a valuable resource of information about Canada’s Black and Caribbean community. 

The Black Pages Directory contains: 

• An Alphabetical Listing of businesses, professionals, community associations and organizations; 

• A Display Ad section in the areas covered; 

• A Community Development Guide section with useful information on community resources, business assistance, scholarships, grants and bursaries for students, profiles of people in our community, health matters and much more.

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